General Instructions to Patients while taking Homeopathic Medication.

  • Mouth should be clean while taking the medicine.
  • Take the pills from the bottle directly into your mouth
  • If you are taking the pills,use the bottle cap to take the pills.
  • Do not touch the remedies with hands.
  • Keep the pills preferably under the tongue and the let the pills melt.
  • Maintain 15 minutes gap before and after the medication.
  • Maintain longer gap before taking the remedies, on taking mint, coffee, onion, garlic or anything that leaves a lingering taste in the mouth.
  • Do not take the remedies with water.
  • The remedies can be had even on an empty stomach.
  • The pills may seem dry after a few days. It is very normal as the spirit in it evaporates each time you open the bottle, but the medicinal effect will be very much intact.
  • Maintain 1-hour gap between any other systems of medication like Allopathic medication.