Homeopathy Consultation available in person in office/Skype.

Consultation Appointment booking

Consultation available both English and Tamil languages. The Initial consultation involves an in-depth interview that is approximately one and a half hours in length. Be prepared to answer many questions regarding your major complaint(s),please bring any copies of recent blood work or tests please bring those in as well. During this visit we will be asking various questions to get the holistic picture of what is going on in your health. We will also perform a complaint oriented physical examination and provide a basic treatment plan. Homeopathy aims to address the 'root' cause of dis-ease, therefore, all aspects of the individual are taken into consideration since a successful prescription is based on the totality of symptoms . You will be asked about your physical and emotional symptoms, your medical history and other details such as food and weather preferences, and sleep patterns.

Follow-up appointments are initially scheduled after 10 days. As improvement is noted, the interval between appointments is progressively lengthened. The ultimate goal is the lasting restoration of health free from dependency on any form of treatment.

Appointment booking

You need an appointment, feel free to call me directly at 647-892-0025 to make arrangements. Please leave a message with telephone number, and I will call you back as soon as I can. Appointments can be made via email, and also on my website.

Fees schedule

consultation - $80 (medicines included) initially medicine is given for 15 days

visits - $40 (medicines included)

*Remember… your health is an investment, not an expense!

Insurance Homeopathy is covered under Extended Health Care plans with a variety of insurance companies. If the insurance company you are with does not cover homeopathy, contact your insurance provider and/or Employer to request that it be covered.

Following insurance companies are covering homeopathy consultation

  • Blue Cross, Atlantic
  • Crown Insurance
  • Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Co.
  • Great West Life Insurance
  • Green Shield
  • Johnson Insurance
  • London Life
  • Manulife
  • Standard Life
  • Maximum benefit insurance